The Acorns Nursery Team

Mrs Whitfield is our Head Teacher and has degree in Science and has taught for many years in local Primary Schools. Mrs Whitfield is wonderful with helping children to explore exciting Science experiments and is an absolute whizz with Art – she can turn a large cardboard box into anything you care to mention!!

Mrs Deacon is our Deputy Head, she has a degree in History and has also taught in local Primary schools. Mrs Deacon is a specialist in Language Development having been involved in the Every Child a Talker programme for several years. Mrs Deacon loves role play and is fantastic at helping the children to recreate imaginary play! Mrs Deacon’s sons went to Acorns Nursery School when they were younger.

MRS HOOPER has an NVQ, level 3. She ran a Nursery Room at Chiltern College previously and worked as a childminder. She also has a certificate in supporting children with Special Needs.

Mrs Hooper is nicknamed “Wonder Woman” as she regularly does Triathlons! Her swimming, running and cycling mean that she can keep up with even our most energetic 2 year olds!

MRS HAYDEN has an NVQ level 3 qualification and previously worked as a private Nanny, and Home tutor. Mrs Hayden’s puppy, Primrose, keeps her busy at home and has appeared in our Facebook videos!

Mrs Hayden is full of energy and enthusiasm and is very musical! She leads our singing and dancing!

Mrs Oyekan is a qualified Nursery Nurse, and Mum to 3 boys. Two of Mrs Oyekan’s sons went to Acorns. Mrs Oyekan is the member of staff most likely to be awarded Star Baker! She takes the lead whenever there is cooking or baking to be done!

Mrs Mitchell-Baker has a degree in English and History and has taught for several years in local Primary Schools. She loves reading, and has been a member of a Book Club for 20 years. Her two adult sons both went to Acorns – more years ago than she cares to mention!

Mrs Baker is qualified in supporting children on the Autistic Spectrum having worked in schools for several years. She  now leads our daily Lunch club. Mrs Baker is exactly whom you need if you have fallen over and got upset!

Mrs Rapley is a qualified NNEB Level 3  and previously worked as a Private Nanny. She is Mum to 3 lovely boys! Somehow, she finds the time to come and work with us, and is especially good with our very youngest children in helping them to settle when they first arrive.

Staff Videos – See our staff in action!

Mrs Hayden singing “Heads, shoulders, knees and toes”

Mrs Deacon &“Hickory, dickory, dock” Nursery Rhyme

Mrs Oyekan telling a story