Learning at Acorns Nursery School

Acorns Nursery School follows the Early Years’ Curriculum, and provides the best variety of experiences, learning and play activities to enable each child to fulfil their potential. Each child will have a personalised learning record, and an individual bespoke reading book.

Your child’s key worker will book an appointment with you every term to discuss their progress across the 7 areas in which they are assessed. It is very important for us to work with each child’s parents to gain a full view of each child. Children learn a lot at home, as well as at Nursery School!

We also work with a variety of other Professionals when needed – Speech Therapists, OTs etc. We look at the whole curriculum in relation to every child to make sure that they are achieving the expected progress in each area.

1.Personal, Social and Emotional Development – learning to play with others, take turns, share, make friends and have positive interactions with other children and adults

  1. Physical development – running, scooting, jumping, climbing as well as fine motor skills needed for learning how to write.
  2. Communication and language – talking and, just as importantly, listening!
  3. Literacy – looking at books, being read to, reading, and finding out information
  4. Mathematics – counting, adding, subtracting, shapes, sorting, etc.
  5. Understanding the World – a mixture of Science, Geography and History!
  6. Expressive Arts and Design – all the cutting, sticking painting drawing, music and creating you could wish for!